Commonwork Farm

Commonwork Farm at Bore Place is set in the beautiful kent Countryside near Sevenoaks. It is a working Organic dairy farm with fabulous walled gardens and lily pond.

Yoga classes are held in a renovated 16th century barn and you will be staying in a Tudor House with Jacobean and Victorian extensions where Henry VIII once stayed.

We have our own Indian chef who prepares beautiful home cooked Indian food, using ingredients of the highest quality.

Dates: 6th - 8th July 2018

Bore Place

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COST : £395.00

Arrive Friday evening for supper at 7.30.

Meals will be prepared by our own Indian chef.
All meals will be vegetarian

Any dietary requirements please notify us and we will be only too happy to accommodate.

Class 6 - 7.30pm
Dinner 8.00pm

Pranayama Class 7- 8.00am
Breakfast 8 - 9.30am
Class 10 -12.00 
Lunch 1.00 pm
Relaxation 4 - 4.30pm
Class 6 - 7.30pm
Dinner 8.00pm

Pranayama Class 7- 8.00am
Breakfast 8 - 9.30am
Class 10-12
Lunch 1.00pm
Course finishes at 3.00pm

The course will finish after lunch on the Sunday
Please bring your own yoga equipment if possible.


This is to be paid in full by May 31st

This includes full-board accommodation and yoga classes.

There is a single room supplement of £20

The topic for this course is titled:

Understanding the Dosas

On this course we will be exploring the effects of the Dosas on the postures.

We will also be looking at how the poses bring about a balance of the Dosas when practising.

Dr. Passang will be giving talks on the Dosas and their effects through Tibetan medicine.

Dr. Passang will also be giving treatments to those who wish to take up this opportunity.
Please note: The cost of treatment is not included in the price.


The body is considered to be pervaded by three principle energies, called Dosas:

In equilibrium they maintain the health of the body; unbalanced they lead to disease.
The Dosas control all functions of the body.
On this course we will be exploring the effects of the Dosas when practising Yoga asanas.

Tibetan medicine:
The Tibetan science of healing, also know as Sorig, is one of the oldest known medical systems. It uses a complex approach to diagnosis, incorporating techniques such as pulse analysis, urine analysis and looks at behaviour and dietrary modifications.
Medicines composed of natural herbs and minerals and physical therapies like yoga, acupuncture, moxibustion, massage and cupping are used in treatments.

Both the systems of Yoga and Tibetan medicine look at the emotional being and the root cause of disease.
There are three types of disease:
1} Endogenous - produced internally by the three factors ie, the dosas.
2} Exogenous - produced by external factors ie, trauma, fire, poison
3} Mental - produced by emotional factors.
Other factors include - accidents, weapon injury, insect bites etc. These are considered to be fated factors. Also congenital conditions and hereditary factors.

Through the practice of Yoga it is possible to rebalance the Dosas and where required through the practice of Tibetan medicine.
Quote: “When the pose is done scientifically it is healthy, when the pose is not scientific then disease can set in.”

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"This year for the first time, Brenda took us to
Commonwork Farm in Kent.  It is in a beautiful location near some of the prettiest villages in Kent.
Brenda centred her teaching around Light On Yoga and it really was truly enlightening to do poses without props and to follow the sequencing in the book.
All meals were vegetarian and beautifully cooked in the farm kitchen by Merlyn, Brenda's son. 
I look forward to many more weekends at Brenda's workshops"

"Thanks for a brilliant weekend."


"Brenda thank you so much for a lovely weekend
and please thank the chef for the great food."

"The weekend was a great experience in terms of surroundings, food and people. My body felt good for
days afterwards. It was a spiritual experience as well.
Thank you"