The Hammam

Hammams are part of Turkish tradition.
Unique to Angels Gardens is the Hammam which is located on site.
The Hammam is a beautiful marble building in which you can relax and unwind and have treatments.

There can be nothing more luxurious than lying on the warm marble slab soaking in the heat and enjoying the ultimate in relaxation.


Other treatments on offer include an invigorating and deep cleansing scrub. Rub away all those dead skin cells before you start your yoga week.



Another Turkish tradition is the luxurious soap bubble wash, after your scrub and bubbles you will feel amazingly clean.


Treat yourself to a Turkish massage. There are highly skilled massage practitioners on sight. After the Hammam and scrub and cleanse this will finish you off nicely for the ultimate relaxation experience.

The Hammam is free to use but all treatments will be charged extra

Mud Bath

Also unique to Angels Gardens is their facility of a Turkish mud bath. This is brilliant for the skin and detoxification. People who have these treatments positively glow afterwards!